Jason Spidell

Senior Archaeologist
B.A. Anthropology, 2006
Rhode Island College
Providence, Rhode Island



Jason Spidell received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Rhode Island College and participated in the University of California, Davis archaeological field school in Ursine, Nevada later that same year. Subsequently, Jason was invited by the director of his field school to participate in research involving the collection and analysis of clay samples, research that he reported in a presentation to the Great Basin Anthropological Conference in Las Vegas the following year. Between 2006 and 2008, Jason worked for various cultural resource management firms in the western U.S. including KEC, before finally accepting a permanent position with our firm in 2009. During 2007, Jason conducted the fieldwork, co-wrote and helped manage an extensive research project that resulted in the release of A Historic Context for Native American Procurement of Obsidian in the State Of Utah (2009). Since arriving at KEC, Jason has managed crews conducting both archaeological survey and excavation. He continues to refine his knowledge and application of ESRI ArcView and ArcPad software.