Travis Hansen

Field Supervisor

B.S. Anthropology, 2010

Utah State University

Logan, Utah


Travis Hansen received his Bachelor’s of Science in Anthropology from Utah State University.  He participated in USU’s archaeological field school in 2009, where he conducted research that culminated in a presentation at the Rocky Mountain Anthropology Conference.  In addition, he authored the final report on

a paleoindian campsite that he helped excavate during the field school. 

Since 2010, Travis has been working as an archaeologist in Nevada, first for

the Forest Service, then in the private sector.  At KEC, Travis leads field crews

on archaeological surveys and excavations.  In addition to fieldwork, he has

co-authored several professional reports and participates in public outreach

projects.  His scholarly interests include evolutionary approaches to human

behavior and the history and theory of anthropology.