Robert R. Kautz

Ph.D., Anthropology, 1976
University of California, Davis
Davis, California


Geographic Expertise: Nevada, California, Oregon, and South, Central and Carribean America


Specialties: Cultural Resource Management, Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction, Mining Archaeology, Subsistence/Settlement Systems, NAGPRA Compliance, Heritage Law



Dr. Kautz is a scholar of prehistoric arid land adaptations who has conducted archaeological investigations over the last 49 years throughout the western hemisphere. At various times, his research has been supported by the National Geographic Society and the National Science Foundation. He has conducted research in Belize, Central America,the Sechura Desert of South America, the eastern U.S. and America's arid west. Over the last twenty five years, Bob has committed all his effort to the historic and prehistoric archaeology of the North American west. His experience includes project management for industry and government, ranging from small archaeological reconnaissance projects to large prehistoric and historic mitigations. Bob is the author or contributor to three books, over thirty professional journal articles. He has contributed to over nine hundred environmental project reports. His technical specialties include paleoenvironmental reconstruction, the modeling of prehistoric subsistence strategies, western mining history, Overseas Chinese archaeology, and cultural resource management. He is the founder of the company and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Bob maintains oversight of all aspects of company operations to assure the highest standards of legal compliance, research design, project implementation, project reporting, and fiscal responsibility.